aboard our cruises

Under the strict supervision of Rav Haïm Horowitz

In order to satisfy its customers and guarantee them an unforgettable kosher trip, Kosher-Cruise provides prestigious varied and abundant kosher menus in the luxurious restaurants of the ships.

Our chef will delight you with his gourmet culinary preparations made with the know-how of French haute cuisine, as well as specialties from all over the world. Likewise, our master pastry chef will surprise you with the beauty and originality of his delicious desserts. The pleasures of the table are renewed daily to please our guests….

The Mashgichim team is present on board in the kitchens and in the restaurants reserved exclusively for our Kosher-Cruise group, and daily and scrupulously ensures the application of the rules of "Bishul Israel", "Pat Israel" and "Chalav Israel". Meats and poultry are Glatt kosher.

We organize 4 kosher meals per day:
• Continental breakfast
• Buffet lunch
• Snack: coffee, tea, cold drinks, cakes, fruit, ice cream, etc.
• Dinner: served à la carte

Our priority is to serve high quality delicious gourmet kosher food.
In addition, our haute cuisine is meticulously presented because we know that the taste experience begins above all with the pleasure of the eyes.


Embark on one of our kosher cruises to discover the Mediterranean, Iceland and many more.

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